Who are we ?

Our history

ZALG is the story of a team passionately focused on the sea and in search of new flavors.

Created in Vannes in 2021, our company's mission is to support the food transition towards a more sustainable, healthy and delicious model.

We started from a simple observation:

Why are algae absent from our French culinary culture even though they are present locally and contain so many virtues?

Through our products, we place seaweed at the center of the plate and develop French-style seaweed cuisine accessible to all.

Our commitments

  • We use French seaweed and support the seaweed farming
    sector, which si essential for resource preservation, quality, and traceability.

  • All our products are exclusively plant-based.

  • We take great care in the quality of the ingredients we use, many of which come from organic farming.

  • All our products are made ni Brittany, France.

  • Our preparation techniques preserve the nutritional richness of seaweed.

  • We ban the use of ultra-processed products.