French goma wakame salad

Find all the flavors, freshness and crunch of wakame salad in a seasoned, organic and local version.

For seasoning, all our ingredients have been carefully selected. Our French seaweed comes from sustainable cultivation in protected natural areas.

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Crispy seaweed sticks

This delicious vegetarian specialty combines the deliciousness and benefits of seaweed in a unique format.

Under their fine and crispy breading, our sticks reveal a light heart with a delicately iodized vegetable taste.

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UMAMIX: sesame & seaweed to sprinkle

Inspired by Japanese furikake, we offer unique flavors of this refined blend of sesame and seaweed.

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Smoked wakame seaweed

Our search for new uses around algae has pushed us to innovate into new taste territory.

Our wakame is cold smoked over beech wood using traditional techniques applied to fish.

Crunchy and iodized, it develops deep aromatics, both coating and comforting.

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Almonds & cashews coated with French seaweed

Our coated almonds and cashews will bring a new dimension to your aperitifs.

Lightly toasted, our mixture is both tender and crunchy.

The delicate coating of honey and French seaweed will delight you with its subtly sweet and savory balance.

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Dried seaweed

Our dried seaweed comes from cultivation in the open sea.

After harvest, they are delicately dried at low temperature in order to preserve their nutritional and aromatic richness.

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Roasted nori sheets

Essential in Japanese and Korean cuisine, nori sheets offer endless uses.

We went to meet the best nori producers in South Korea.

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Seaweed cubes

Our “sea tofu” allows you to introduce seaweed in a unique way.

This innovative product offers new possibilities in the use of seaweed in cooking.

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