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We give seaweeds the place they deserve in our diet, from gourmet cuisine to everyday dishes.

Our products offer numerous possibilities to meet current demands for a healthy, delicious and sustainable diet.s

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  • Easy to cook

  • plant-based

  • Seaweed cultivated in Brittany

  • Sustainable resource

  • Nutrient-rich

  • Made in Brittany

Our seaweed inspirations

Seaweed offers endless creative possibilities and will add depth to all your dishes. As a starter, as a centerpiece or even as a dessert, there are many uses. Come find inspiration with our French seaweed cuisine.


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eating seaweed?


They will take you on a journey from the iodized world with notes of shellfish, to the world of plants with deep aromas of mushroom, fresh grass, spinach and black tea.

Did you know?

Umami is the fifth basic taste along with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. This taste, very present in algae, is one of the first that we perceive!

The amino acid responsible for this flavor is present in quantity in amniotic fluid. We experience it before we even come into the world!


Seaweeds are rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and iodine.

Rich in fiber, they facilitate digestion and increase the feeling of satiety.

Another nutritional advantage, algae is low in lipids and low in calories.

Did you know?

The Japanese have the longest life expectancy and consume 8kg of algae per year per inhabitant!

This is the equivalent of our salad consumption in France.


No fertilizers or pesticides are used to produce them. Their culture does not exploit the land or fresh water resources. Their use in cooking is a response to current demands for a healthy, delicious and sustainable diet.

Did you know?

Recent studies have shown that one hectare of algae cultivation can capture up to 3 times more CO2 than one hectare of forest!

They trust us

  • Julien Doupeux

    L'Auberge / Maison Glenn Anna

    " Innovating in the kitchen is a daily challenge. Seaweeds allow me to explore new culinary territories. ”

  • Gonzague de Champsavin

    Le casier

    “ Using local and sustainable products is at the center of my cooking. ZALG products meet this commitment. ”

  • Marius de Ponfilly


    Our customers are increasingly asking for plant-based courses. Seaweeds offer very interesting options to answer this demand. ”

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Seaweeds are one of the solutions to the environmental challenges we face and that is why we are working to promote them in our food. Our products have won numerous awards.

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